The Femur Break is not behaving at all!

Peter & I spent 3 hours with my Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday afternoon which included him sending me for an urgent xray. The break is showing some signs of trying to heal which is encouraging, however the excruciating  pain I’ve been experiencing, since the screw removal surgery 3 weeks ago, is because my leg is unstable at the break now that the screw has been removed & on some movements the break is actually twisting. That explains why the pain feels very similar on occasions as it did when the leg actually broke. He knew removing the screw would cause some instability but he didn’t have a choice as it was going to snap. He explained he could have put in a replacement screw straight away but he is worried that will cause my leg to fracture further down.

It really is just so complicated now….not that it was ever straight forward if you think about it.  Hmmm…thinking about it is not wise….I try not to dwell on it for too long at all.

We have agreed to wait another 6 weeks before intervention, with me using 2 crutches at all times & only gentle muscle strengthening exercises. I have to repeat the xrays in 6 weeks & see him again. He said to us that he may then consider inserting an internal bone stimulator to encourage the break to heal quicker. The issue now is that if the break doesn’t heal I’m stuck in this limbo of excruciating pain so he is really keen to try and get it moving. The stimulator stays in for 3 months if he goes down that path. I’m relieved not to need more surgery just yet as he was also considering reinstalling a knee screw. That may yet have to happen.


So back to 2 crutches & feeling every bit of my 50 years….actually my body really does feel about 90 but again best not to dwell on that either 😊

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