Over the Hill… I’ve turned 50!!

Today is my 50th birthday!!

Something of a milestone & all year friends & family have been asking how am I going to celebrate? What amazing things do I have planned?

Well with RA, a rare bone disease, broken femur & a colostomy, planning grand celebrations is just not possible. I never know from one day to the next what my body will be capable of. We just have to be spontaneous.


So today my husband Peter & I are celebrating at home quietly…a romantic celebration for two. No pressure, no agendas, just time to relax & reflect. We’ll have birthday cake & I’ll catchup with family & friends on the phone & later we are ordering in pizza & watching Paddington Bear. I wanted to see that movie when it came out but couldn’t so it’s Gold Class movie night at home.

Do you know what…I couldn’t think of a nicer way to celebrate turning 50!!


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