Surgery Done…tick…Recovery underway…tick

I’m home from my surgery yesterday to have the interlocking screw removed from above my knee. My femur break is not healing and all the weight from my leg was being placed on the screw, causing pain but more worrying for my Surgeon was that he thought it was going to snap. The procedure was under General Anaesthetic but it was day surgery so I got to come home last night & sleep in my own bed. The beautiful looking bandage came off this morning & under it is steri strips with a waterproof dressing, which can come off in 10 days. The pink pre surgery prep wash will take a while to get out. Quite the fashion statement don’t you think 😁  I’m not in too much pain yet as they also put a local Anaesthetic into my knee. That’s starting to wear off so I have some strong pain killers ready & waiting.

The big issue for me now is the healing of this femur. My Surgeon is still saying a long process. It seems the bone disease is delaying healing & there is a possibility of needing debridement surgery in the future to get rid of the dead bone & allow new bone to form properly.

For now though I’m just going to focus on recovering from this round of surgery & getting ready for my 50th birthday in 3 weeks. Beautiful friends are coming to visit which I’m really looking forward to. It will be a low key affair with lunch & treats. Actually the next day I have my post op follow up appointment. Hopefully it will all be good news & I can get back into rehab work again. Now that would be a lovely birthday present 🎉🎂

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