The Waiting Game


2 weeks today until my Surgery and no matter how I occupy my time, how engaged I am in the moment at hand, I just can’t shake of that waiting feeling, just like a clock is ticking constantly. It happens every time. I’m not anxious, I’m quite relaxed, I’m sleeping well but I still feel like I’m waiting for that date to roll around. It’s so annoying!! I even packed my bag yesterday in the hope that by getting that out of the way I could just forget about it and enjoy the next 2 weeks.

It helped…

for the afternoon….

but I woke up this morning and once I came around fully (it takes a while these days), the first thing I announced to my husband was I’d forgotten to pack something 🙂

So why am I writing this post? To help me forget and stop that clock ticking of course.  Will it work? Not likely but it’s another part of my story that belongs amongst my musings.

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