RA Blog Week – Last Day Post

finalbadge-1This week has been the Second Annual RA Blog Week and it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved. Given I had surgery mid week I had to cheat a little with my own blogging and submit posts that I had written earlier in the month/year that I felt were suitable for the topics.

I’m only a couple of days post surgery and not up to doing much just yet but I did want to acknowledge all the amazing and talented writers this week, who so freely share their own stories in the hope that they can reach out to others and make their journeys a little easier. It really is all about letting others know that they are not alone and that there are people who understand completely, even though often we travel slightly different journeys with health complications.

Our last topic for the week is “Great Blogs I have read this week”

Without sounding like I’m taking the easy path, I have to say I have enjoyed each and every blog I have read. I do however have a couple that I would like to highlight. One is from a beautiful lady called Linda Perkins. Linda and I have never met as we live across the world from each other but we have been sharing each others blogs for a little while now. We just clicked from the start. In fact if my memory serves me right, we first met last year at the 1st Annual RA Blog Week. We share a faith in God and a deep love of writing and reaching out to others. Linda’s blog is called “Spring Sight”. Check it out and have a good look around. I’m sure you will be inspired by this lady and her faith and sincerity:


Another blogger who I have really enjoyed reading this week was “Writer Elise”. Great blog and she has a book coming out soon. Check it out:


I then met another blogger who has a similar bone story to me and I am looking forward to continuing to share our journeys together well past RA blog Week. I loved the way she told her starting story too. Check it out here:

#RABlog Week 2016 – Starting Story

As I said at the start though, there are so many amazing bloggers and you can check them out here. It’s the prompt page for the RA Blog Week and if you click on each day you will be rewarded with a deluge of fantastic writers sharing from the heart:

Prompts For 2016 RABlog Week

Lastly and most importantly I want to thank Rick Phillips who is the brains behind the RA Blog Week and does such an amazing job co-ordinating everything and making it so easy for us to blog each day and feel part of a very special community. Thanks so much Rick 🙂


4 thoughts on “RA Blog Week – Last Day Post

  1. Love you much, Sam! I am honored to have made your list. {blush} I am so glad you shared your “That Person” story too, which made my list as well! I am grateful God brought us together as friends across the miles. The fact that you are blogging while recovering from surgery just goes to show how dedicated you are in helping others. Get well soon! 🙂

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  2. Great post. I hate I missed this rablogweek. I am going through wordpress using the rheumatoid arthritis tag to find RA blogs and like everyone’s page.


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