There is some Good News!!


Finally there is some good news!!  I saw my Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday to review my latest x-rays and discuss the increased pain in my left non union broken femur.

So wait for it…..My leg seems to be suddenly attempting to make new bone at the break site, despite the bone graft my Surgeon performed 5 months ago completely disappearing. That is still a complete mystery to all of us as to why that happened! Yesterday however was the first bit of encouraging news we have had for quite a while. The leg is trying to heal…amazing.

I proceed with caution though as it has tried to do this before and then stopped in its tracks but hopefully this time will be different. We have to remain hopeful.

This increase in activity at the break site has however caused the bone to rotate on the pole & that’s causing all the additional pain. We need to stabilise it to reduce pain levels so I can use the leg & encourage compression of the bone which will give it the best opportunity of further healing & bone formation. The only way to do that is to insert a screw into the pole at the knee like we have done before. It’s day surgery & is booked for next week.

My Surgeon also told my husband and I that a paper is being prepared on my case, highlighting both the original left femur pathological break & the right leg presenting with the same pain as the left leg with MRI evidence of bone marrow disease. His colleagues have also consulted with him about my case to treat other patients with suspected femur fractures without MRI evidence of fracture but evidence of bone marrow infiltration. As a result of my story and outcomes, these other Surgeons have inserted rods into 2 of their patients presenting similarly & their pain subsided post surgery. He also said they are all sleeping much better at night knowing that their “high at risk of femur fracture” patients have rods in their legs and medical emergencies are not imminent. I know I sleep much better at night knowing that too 🙂

We are actually doing some ground breaking medical work!! Now that is good news.



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