Bigger Isn’t Always Better In Life

Bigger isn't always better in life. I'm not talking about weight size or the size of your bank balance or home, I'm talking about bigger bones. If you research bone disease on "Dr Google" you'll find copious amounts of information about Osteoporosis, low bone density and the importance of having good healthy bones. Try researching high … Continue reading Bigger Isn’t Always Better In Life

There is some Good News!!

Finally there is some good news!!  I saw my Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday to review my latest x-rays and discuss the increased pain in my left non union broken femur. So wait for it.....My leg seems to be suddenly attempting to make new bone at the break site, despite the bone graft my Surgeon performed 5 months ago … Continue reading There is some Good News!!

The Next Leg of the Journey…literally!

It seems my good leg ( my right femur) is no longer good and is about to head off on its own little adventure. After weeks of hospital admissions, MRI's, xrays and CT scans, my Specialists had a meeting on Friday to debate my case and decide how to best proceed with treating my yet unnamed bone … Continue reading The Next Leg of the Journey…literally!