The Next Leg of the Journey…literally!

It seems my good leg ( my right femur) is no longer good and is about to head off on its own little adventure.

After weeks of hospital admissions, MRI’s, xrays and CT scans, my Specialists had a meeting on Friday to debate my case and decide how to best proceed with treating my yet unnamed bone disease. It seems a conclusion has been made.

My right leg is going to break and it’s going to break fast unless some action is taken. The Specialists believe that the bone marrow fibrosis showing on the MRI in that leg is because of the bone disease. They also now believe that my left leg probably showed that same bone marrow pattern before it broke but of course we had no idea that leg was going to spontaneously break 18 months ago, so an MRI was never ordered. We had an xray because I was in pain but that was reported as being ok. My Surgeon who had to fix that original break when I was rushed to ER in Oct 2014, was so annoyed when he looked at that first xray taken 3 weeks before the leg snapped, as he could clearly see that it showed that the bone was diseased and that finding had been missed by radiologists.

I still have the same Orthopaedic Surgeon  and he is determined that I will not end up in that siutation again of having to endure a pathological break of the strongest bone in my body. I am so relieved that he feels that way as there is no way I want to go through that ordeal again.

So major surgery next week to have a rod inserted into my right femur may seem radical and I would obviously prefer not to have surgery of any kind but it is so much better than waiting around expecting my right femur to snap in two, knowing how horrific that would be.

So, take two, here we go again. I’ll have a matching pair, right rod, left rod,  and let’s face it, as a girl who loves fashion, it’s always important to be co-ordinated 🙂





4 thoughts on “The Next Leg of the Journey…literally!

  1. Dearest Sam, our love and prayers for the best outcome. Marvellous to note you have not lost your sense of humour. Les & Peter xo


  2. Dearest Sam, you have a wonderful capability to express your thoughts, feelings and apply the grief management model to your life at this stage. This is written at a time when Peter & I sense you are at the end of your tether! Compounded to this is your relentless physical pain and the feeling of helplessness of not knowing what you are dealing with now and in the future. I have just glanced out of my bedroom window and there is a rainbow after the rain. As I was writing this response I was talking to Our Lord about the challenge of pain & specifically asking for miraculous physical healing – you already have a beautiful soul & spirit. We both love you very much. Gentle warm hugs from us both. Lesley & Peter. xxoo

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    1. That is so beautiful. Thank you so much. The rainbow has always been special to me & appeared at times when I just needed to know all will be well. A beautiful sign from God above. Love you both xx💗


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