4 week and counting

I’m nearly 4 weeks post surgery and this time around seems so much harder than all the others. I think the main reason for that is because I was only 8 weeks post surgery on my broken leg when I had this rod inserted into the other leg. Having 2 legs with titanium rods from hip to knee is a different sensation too. For the moment I’ve lost both limbs. The bruising from the thigh has travelled down to my foot and each morning it gets more dramatic and interesting….not to mention painful!


I’m more reliant on my crutches than every before and my activity levels are nowhere near where I would like them.

That will improve over time, although the jury is still out on the “case of my dead bones” and all that might entail.

So in the meantime I wake everyday eager and hopeful for some improvement to my quality of life. There are glimmers each day. I can make the morning coffee now, I can potter around the house slowly, very slowly, dusting. I even managed to get out last week for the first time, granted it was for a blood test but I have grander plans for this week….a visit to my GP and maybe even a coffee out. I’m also slower lowering the dose of the stronger pain killers. Getting that balance right is tricky but I am keen not to stay on them for longer than I have to.

We know there is a strong possibility in 3 months that I am going have to go through this all again and have the rod replaced in my broken leg. That thought horrifies me. I know though that for the moment I just need to focus on the here and now.  I need to focus on recovery and if in 3 months I have to go through more surgery, my track record tells me I’ll cope 😊

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