Today I am literally stuck! Stuck upstairs until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Why? My stair lift (affectionately called shifty) decided last night that it needed a holiday from lugging me up & downstairs all day & it just stopped. No warning, no consideration of how much I depend on it. It just stopped & … Continue reading Stuck

Change of Plans

One thing we can guarantee when living with a chronic disease is that we will always be changing plans. My extra cleaning activities this week have rendered my legs useless. I too easily forget that I'm only 10 weeks into a 6 month recovery from major surgery & that time frame is based on someone … Continue reading Change of Plans

A new fantastic Physiotherapist ~ Outcome = Work in Progress!

 Today was my first session with my new Physiotherapist. What an amazing find she is. It turns out she has a special interest in auto immune diseases. She knows all my Specialists and completely understands my overall health issues. I was just so pleased. Not only that but she took the time to work today with my … Continue reading A new fantastic Physiotherapist ~ Outcome = Work in Progress!