A new fantastic Physiotherapist ~ Outcome = Work in Progress!

Crutches Today was my first session with my new Physiotherapist. What an amazing find she is. It turns out she has a special interest in auto immune diseases. She knows all my Specialists and completely understands my overall health issues. I was just so pleased. Not only that but she took the time to work today with my husband and I as a team, which not everybody does but it makes such a difference in terms of the support my husband can give me at home with my rehabilitation.

Her husband is also a physiotherapist and he took a look at my x-rays ( all 1 million of them…feels like that anyway!!) He generally works with elite sports people and his comment was ” Wow, I have never seen a break that bad even amongst the worse injuries on the football field.

Hmmm… well if I’m going to do something, I always like to do the best job possible 🙂

So my report card today was “Work in Progress”. Being a pathological break they are not keen to push rehab hard, so slow and steady will hopefully win the race eventually.  I still have to have 2 crutches when out and about but I’m allowed to have one crutch at home. I am overdoing things a little at home in terms of moving around without crutches sometimes (albeit a hobble) and not resting enough. By resting she means I have to lie down every afternoon which I really hate but I need to be a bit more disciplined in that area of looking after myself. My problem is I always think ” Oh, I ‘ll  just do that and then I’ll lie down” The “just that” then turns into, that and that and that and that and….you get the picture!

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