Change of Plans


One thing we can guarantee when living with a chronic disease is that we will always be changing plans.

My extra cleaning activities this week have rendered my legs useless. I too easily forget that I’m only 10 weeks into a 6 month recovery from major surgery & that time frame is based on someone with healthy bones & no underlying autoimmune diseases. I also too easily forget that I have had surgery after surgery for the past 19 months. 10 weeks seems so long & I constantly set goals that are not appropriate. I’ve lived a life of setting goals that are challenging & that push myself. My mindset has always been to find a solution to every problem & achieve a positive outcome. I can still do that on many levels but my focus needs to be on non physical achievements.

Today I can’t get out of bed. My legs have swollen twice the size & the pain is unrelenting whether I sit, stand, lie down & walking is out of the question.

So, I have some choices. I can feel overwhelmed ( I’ve done that all night) or I can give myself a good talking to & re evaluate my expectations & more importantly re evaluate what “achievement” looks like in my new life.

I’ve just had to cancel my dentist appointment & I am so disappointed in myself & my body for having to do that. If however I stay feeling disappointed I won’t be able to clear my head & think about what sort of goals, realistic goals I should set myself.

So while I wait for my legs to co- operate with me again I’m going to spend time re evaluating my goals & changing plans. Should keep me busy & out of trouble for a while.  😊

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