As It Happens

This Guest post has been written by a friend of mine in the midst of Cyclone Debbie here in Queensland. Her musings are thought provoking, not just for those in the Chronic Illness community but for everyone. My thoughts & prayers are with all those dealing with the devastating damage & inundation to homes & with all those who are helping to restore some semblance of normality in the aftermath. Take care xx

Richer For Travel

Morning everyone! The recent wild and woolly weather events here in Queensland have inspired me to write an ‘as it happens’ blog today. Usually my posts offer travel tidbits from trips we have taken. I am working on my next article too, by the way, but this post has ‘jumped the queue’ so to speak. I did mention, at the start of my blogging journey, that travel, as it appears in my blog title, can refer to far away places or be a trip simply to the front door to collect the mail.

My travel this morning involved a trip along the motorway to our family GP to pick up a pain-killer script for our eldest son who has a broken collar bone.  This travel, along the motorway, made me think and contemplate life and its absolute randomness.  In all the frantic busyness of our lives we are totally and…

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