Time & Lack of Motion

One cup of tea & two cups of coffee & I am starting to feel a little more connected with the day.😊 My legs are having a “don’t you dare try & walk on me” kind of day, so I have to pace my pacing if that makes sense. That has proven difficult today though!!

The morning started oddly. We have a Westminster Chime wall clock downstairs, which generally hubby & I don’t hear as we are so used to it singing on the hour, every hour. Anyway Peter knew I was exhausted from battling with pain & lack of sleep, so he shut the shutters last night so we could sleep in. That was the plan anyway!  The bedroom was still dark when I woke with a start as I felt the bed move as Peter tried to creep out. I thought it must have been 4am & he was just heading to the bathroom but I soon found out it was 7am & the clock had got stuck on the 5am chime & had apparently been echoing a dying, gurgling chime sound throughout the house for 2 hours. I thankfully, due to sheer exhaustion, heard nothing until being disturbed by Peter. 😊

images (3)

The batteries had died but we can never remember how to reset the chimes, so that began the hunt for the instructions, the deciphering of the instructions, Peter ignoring the instructions, that approach obviously failing & then having to start the restart process all over again.😩😢

Once we got it working then it had to be hung back on the wall. Easy?…never!! It’s in an awkward spot so I had to get into an odd position to look sideways as Peter tried to lift it up & find the nail in the wall to hang it on. It only took 4 attempts!!

So after that circus act on two broken legs & feet, I’ve had to resort to lying down again for a little while but I’m determined to rise & shine again shortly.

We have been eagerly awaiting the clock’s westminster chimes announcing 12pm but guess what? Nothing! No chimes, no noise, no gurgle, nothing & that means the restart of the reset process didn’t work at all. That also means the clock is back off the wall & the circus act, the afternoon session, will commence shortly 😄

I’m sure I am not alone in having this kind of day…am I??💖

2 thoughts on “Time & Lack of Motion

  1. You are not alone there Sam, no, sometimes I feel like I am having those sorts of days constantly!! I hope you get the chimes working this afternoon. I imagine it would be wonderful, (mind you anything related to London is a bit of an obsession for me). 🙂

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    1. Lol…clock is still a work in progress 😄 I love all things London too. I was born there & despite moving to Australia at 3yrs of age it still holds a special place in my heart xx

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