8 Years And A Million Journeys….A Guest Blog

I am really pleased to share a blog post from “The Little Cripple That Could”

This wonderful blogger is a good friend and member of my Facebook forum.

She inspires me so much as not only does she live with chronic illness, she also works full time as a Mental Health Nurse.

In this blog post she shines the spotlight on Mental Health and Mental Health nursing, as she reminisces about 8 years serving and caring for others in this amazing role.

I’d encourage you to read and share her insights and help raise awareness of Mental Illness.


Sam xx

The Anxious Optimist

Wow! Facebook memories! Why you gotta play me like that!?
I was just casually having a look through and BAM! ALL THE FEELS!

8 years ago today marks the first shift I ever worked in the Mental Health field. To say that it changed my life would be a ludicrous understatement.

Working in Mental Health Nursing, for me, was the beginning of a truly remarkable journey. And being invited on so many other people’s journeys. The incredible privilege of working alongside people at their most vulnerable is one I can hardly put into words.

The experience is one of raw human emotion. It was an experience of learning and growing. I truly grew up in those 3 months. Caring for people in their most vulnerable states is an immense privilege that you cannot understand fully until you have been there and felt it yourself.

It is one of loss and…

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6 thoughts on “8 Years And A Million Journeys….A Guest Blog

    1. Thanks Caz. Yes, the blogger works full time and doesn’t get to blog very often so it was lovely to have the opportunity to profile her. She’s an active MMWF member too xx

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