Managing The Chronic Disease Curveball

At the start of a new week or month, I have a, “Celebrations Milestones and Memories” segment on my Facebook Forum, Medical Musings with Friends.

The idea is to take a quiet moment, to think about what lies ahead. We muse about how we are feeling, what we are concerned about, what we are excited about.

Appointments, celebrations and milestones are also shared by members, so together we can support and encourage each other.

Sharing those thoughts in a safe place, like an online chronic illness group, is really cathartic. Writing down your thoughts and speaking about them, can help provide clarity and peace, in the midst of pain and disease.

Uncertainty often encompasses life at every turn when living with chronic disease. Having friends to turn to, online or otherwise, who are walking in your shoes, can provide tangible comfort.

The Chronic Disease Curveball

Sometimes though, when our pain or disease throws us a curveball, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. We can feel anxious and afraid. We often feel isolated as we struggle with worrying symptoms, even though we may be surrounded and supported by friends and loved ones.

All of those feelings are so normal. Partly we feel them because we are experiencing more change. Changes in disease symptoms often results in changing how we need to manage our daily life. Change then causes the grief process to start again.

My pain has escalated to a new level over recent months. I know it’s going to happen as my disease progresses. It’s my reality and I can curl up in a ball and give up, or I can take some control over my circumstances.

Like so many of us living with chronic disease, there are often little or no solutions when disease progresses. All I can do is make further life changes to accommodate the worsening disability.

I’m a born Leader, planner and organiser, so when changes occur I start automatically thinking about what I can do to accommodate those changes. I was born feet first and my family always joked that I arrived ready for action. That’s not such a bad thing given my life’s circumstances.

The Plan and Review Process

If you’re finding that your disease is worsening and there are little treatment options available, or perhaps you’ve gone into sudden remission, I’d really encourage you to take time to create a Chronic Disease Management plan. A plan where you’re the author and it’s completely tailored for your needs.

If nothing else it will give you a sense of taking some control, in a situation that can feel like a ship in a storm without a captain.

It’s your life, you can be the Captain.

Your Chronic Disease Management Plan can include whatever you want but as a starting point I’ll share some key areas to help get you stared:

□ Activities – What you can do, what do you need help with and what can’t you do?

□ Environment – Is there anything in your home that is impacting your pain/disease and requires changing? (ie: position of items in cupboards or more major household changes)

□ Rest Periods – How often do you need them and when? What impedes you having them and what can you do to fix that?

□ Medical Reviews –  Are you happy with your current medical team? Do you need to make any changes? Are you happy with how often you see them? Do you need to increase or reduce your number of appointments?

□ Leisure -What are the things that help you relax? How can you make sure you do more of these things?

□ Family / Friends – Setting boundaries. How often can you cope with visitors etc? Do you need to remove toxic relationships?

□ Goals – Are there things you really want to achieve (eg: getting out for coffee or maybe a travel goal) How will you do that? What support will you need?

You get the idea. Hopefully these suggestions will ignite other key areas as you start thinking about your own life.

Taking Time to Review

I’m taking time this week to re-evaluate my activities. I’m reviewing what I do now, what can I do differently and asking myself what I shouldn’t be doing at all?

The last question will be the hardest as I love what I’m doing now, however I know I must find more time to rest my body and my mind.

I’ll let you know how I get on with that process. Might take me a little while to work through it.

Introducing A New Focus

I’ve decided including activities in my life which don’t focus on chronic illness are important to my well-being. I’ve recently joined a couple of online forums focused on interior decor and French Chateau renovations. So enjoying these.

I’ve also started Vlogging and connecting differently with my forum members via FB live feeds.

Doing something new is invigorating, and although it sounds as if I’m taking more on, I’m finding focusing my energy in a different way, is exciting and helps with my pain management.

I’ll leave you with my latest Vlog which focuses on another passion of mine…..flower arranging. I hope you enjoy

The Flower Project

Take care


If you’re looking for genuine support, care, understanding & friendship, you are so welcome to join my closed Facebook support forum, Medical Musings with Friends . It’s a safe place to connect with others living with chronic & complex diseases, who truly understand the daily challenges. A warm welcome awaits.

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9 thoughts on “Managing The Chronic Disease Curveball

  1. Hi Sam ,replying To yiu after a long time -was not able to get in the reply group etc .

    Please remind me if I’m still with Mighty group -…As I seem to have forgotten the procedure .

    God Bless you

    Anna Knight

    0410 421 935

    0481 756 796

    On Fri, 28 Aug 2020 at 08:41, My Medical Musings wrote:

    > > > > > > > Sam posted: ” > At the start of a new week or month, I have a, “Celebrations Milestones > and Memories” segment on my Facebook Forum, Medical Musings with Friends. > > > > The idea is to take a quiet moment, to think about what lies ahead. We > muse about how we are feeling” > > > >


  2. BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement! Love also your vlog. Your passion and joy come through even when you’re wiped out from doing it!


    1. Thanks so much Katie for your encouragement.
      Vlogging is so new to me but I’m enjoying it the more I do it. It’s always nice to try something new 😁💕


  3. I love this Plan. It’s something I’ve kept up for years. Mine is more focused on my well-being priorities to balance my conditions, whilst putting my health first. I love this audit style plan with the question prompts. Definitely food for thought. Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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