Your House, Your Comfort, Your Safe Place

I’ve  just been chatting with the Occupational Therapist who organised my stair lift installation.

She was very impressed with how the stair lift looked in my home. Given I’m still relatively young ( and perhaps a little delusional 😊), I was relieved to have her opinion as my concern has always been that I didn’t  want to feel like I was living in an old peoples home.


She had wonderful words of wisdom to share with me. She said our homes have to work for our needs. They are the one place where we shouldn’t make do and struggle in terms of functionality and comfort,  especially when living with any kind of chronic disability.  The more our homes are functional, the more safe we will feel, the more content we will feel and most importantly, the more we can focus on living and the things we enjoy rather than focusing on our disability.

She is so right and I am so grateful for my stair lift, my bathroom handrails and all the other bits and bobs that help me function independently on a daily basis.

My home is definitely  my place of safety and making changes to it to fit my needs has been liberating, I’d even go as far as saying  life changing in a positive way 😊


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