RA Blog Week 2017 – A Feast of Great Blogs

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This week I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Annual RA Blog Week. It’s a wonderful event for bloggers from around the world to share their insights on what it’s like living with Rheumatoid Arthritis & often other associated autoimmune diseases.

Each day of the week a topic is chosen for bloggers to write about. On the last day of the week we are asked to highlight some of the great blogs we have read during the blogging event.

This year I can’t choose. I was really impressed with the varying writing styles & insights that each blogger brought to the event.

So, I’ve decided to highlight & applaud everyone 😊

Below are the topics for each day of the week. If you click on the topic title for each day it will take you to the most inspiring & awesome blogs.

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  • Monday September 25, 2017

Mental Health – How do you manage to maintain your mental health while dealing with autoimmune disease? Discuss how dealing with RA every day makes you emotional. Do you hide your emotions?

  • Tuesday September 26, 2017

Tips and tricks – What are the ways you have learned to work around the physical difficulties and limitations of your autoimmune condition.

  • Wednesday September 27, 2017

Partners  Where would we be without our partners? They are often not just partners but caregivers. Tell your partners story. And if you do not have a partner what will your ideal partner be like, or do you even want one?

  • Thursday September 28, 2017

Hobbies Hobbies are healthy or maybe they are not? What is your hobby and how does it help you with your autoimmune conditions? If you do not have a hobby imagine a great hobby for a person dealing with RA.

  • Friday September 31, 2017

Great Blogs I have read this week – RABlog week is, at its heart, a way for bloggers to connect. Tell others about the great blogs you have read over the week. Perhaps you have found a gem from a blogger you did not know before or maybe one of your friends shared special insight. Give the high five in print to another blogger or two who participated in 2017 RABlog week.


These questions & links to the various blogs provide such a great resource for the chronic illness community, as well as for those wanting to understand, at a deeper level, what family or friends are experiencing living with chronic disease.

Well done 2017 RA Blog Week participants. Such a huge effort & you are all great ambassadors in raising awareness & encouraging others 💗

A massive thank you as well to Rick Phillips. Rick organises this event every year while dealing with his own health challenges, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes. He is an amazing man & a gift to the chronic illness blogging community.  Check out Rick’s blog at RA Diabetes

Well done Rick on another hugely successful event!

Happy reading everyone 😊

Sam xx

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    1. Good detective work. I just clicked the Twitter Share This button on this post and it’s still missing the “T”. I’m sure that you probably haven’t had a chance to correct it yet.

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  2. I just worked it out. I have 2 accounts. The Twitter link on my blog is my personal Twitter Account & the handle you were using was just missing the “t”. The correct one to follow my personal Twitter is: @medmystmusings
    The other account has been set up for my FB Support Forum.
    Both are active xx


  3. Reblogged this on My Medical Musings and commented:

    2018 RDBlog Week Sign Up Page is ready!!

    It’s nearly time for #RDblogweek. My FB Forum Medical Musings with Friends, is very excited to be a sponsor this year.

    If you have #RheumatoidArthritis and are a #blogger we’d love you to sign up and join in the fun!!💞💞

    This is my round up of last years RA blog week. It might just help wet your appetite for this years event

    Take care

    Sam xx



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