I’m Now “That Person”


Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing (Mother Theresa)

It’s suddenly dawned on me I am now “That Person”.

I was thinking about the many times in my life I’ve seen people struggling with disabilities at the shops, cafes, church, concerts, the theatre.

I was thinking how my heart would break for them that life was just that little bit harder than that of an able bodied person.

I was thinking about how inspiring I found them, that despite the hurdles and difficulties, they were still living, still experiencing life in whatever limited way they could.

Everyone Has A Story

I was thinking about how I always wondered what their story was. How did they arrive at this place in their life?

Were they born that way? Did they have an accident or did they have an illness?

What was it like for them day in and day out?

I wondered if the look on my face revealed all my questions and how I was feeling about their situation. I wondered what it would be like to be “that person”.


It’s Now My Story

As I pondered those thoughts, I realised people now look at me like this.

I am “that person”

Eyes wondering, smiles full of concern, people want to linger with their glances but quickly turn away before appearing rude or intrusive.

Some are brave enough to ask me what happened. I love those people as it normalises everything for me and we can connect.

I now know and accept that I am “That Person”.

It’s not so bad.  It’s challenging on a daily basis. It’s so different from who I was physically but I’m still the same person with the same needs, same loves, same likes, same character.

I just dig even deeper now to navigate through each day and I have even more realistic empathy, understanding and admiration for “That Person” and that is a good thing!

Sam xx

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10 thoughts on “I’m Now “That Person”

  1. You are “that person” who inspires others with her tenacity and joy despite her struggles. You are “that person” who others admire because she never gives up hope. You are “that person” who shares her heart and faith online so that others might find hope as well. Yes, you ARE “that person, Sam!” 🙂


  2. That is so beautiful Linda. Thank you for being “that person” for me, who encourages me to keep writing & sharing my journey & my faith. Thank you for being such a blessing xx


  3. We inspire in ways we cannot even imagine, just like we are inspired in so many ways every day. I once met a famous politician in my state. One of the people in the crowd said you are so inspiring. He was taken aback, and said sir, if you lived my life you would not say that, I fail on so many levels. .
    I have pondered that statement for years. Because I fail on so many levels as well. Yet, I know people have said I am inspiring. I cannot reconcile the man I am with the man others see me as. I have come to think that may be my purpose on earth. To reconcile the two. A never ending struggle for certain. On days when I am not inspiring people see me as angry or mean yet I am not. On days I find myself laughing and joyous people say you are so brave and good natured.
    I am neither mean nor joyous. But I wish I could be the better of those two and I hope I am not the worst.

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