My Third Podcast Interview Is So Special….Introducing Kaye South

I’m so excited to share my latest Podcast interview with my long time friend and work collaegue, Kaye South.

Her amazing story of living with a benign brain tumour, beating bowel cancer, severe Scoliosis, and so much more, is one not to be missed.

Despite such serious, debilitating health issues, Kaye has travelled the world and held on to a successful Leadership career, only just retiring at 60 years of age.

This lady has faced so many challenges in life which almost defies belief, but through it all she has held onto hope, love and laughter.

I hope you will gain as much from listening to Kaye’s story, as I did interviewing her.

Through all the challenges life has thrown Kaye over decades, she has so much strength, resilience, and above all hope, grace and wisdom.

This is an interview not to be missed!

An Inspiring Interview With Kaye South

I can’t thank Kaye enough for sharing her precious story with us all

Sam xx

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