A World Changing Course – Entering The Unknown

The World is dealing with the unknown.

We are all dealing with the unknown.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is taking us on a journey we have never experienced before, certainly not in our lifetimes.

Ultimately we are having to deal with change on a huge scale. Change causes fear and fear causes responses in ourselves and those around us, we might not expect, like or know how to handle.

Change causes grief and at the moment the World, its Leaders and society in general, is grappling with the various stages of grief.

Confusion and chaos is infiltrating cities, towns and villages across the globe.

Quarantine, lockdown, self isolation and social distancing are our new norms.

We are also seeing trials, across the globe, to lift some restrictions in an effort to reduce mental stress, return students to school and to try to stimulate our economies.

This decision is also causing mixed reactions from the wider community. Is it too soon? We don’t have a vaccine yet. Will we all have to return to lockdown should virus cases increase as a result of loosening restrictions?

All valid questions and concerns and many people, particularly in the chronic illness community, will simply remain in self isolation.

No one is immune from the impacts of this virus, whether infected or not.

When I worked as a Change Management Consultant I used a grief model with organisations dealing with massive change. I’ve shared it on my blog before but it’s so clear and simple, it’s worth sharing again.

The 5 G’s of Change

Griping – this stage is when you feel like you just can’t face it. It’s all too much. It’s chaotic, it’s stressful. It’s all about you.

Groaning– this stage is the complaining stage. You want to let everyone know how difficult life is in your world.

Groping – during this stage you begin to walk forward as if in a forest, moving the trees out of your way so you begin to see a little clearer

Grasping – You begin to understand what the new situation means

Growing – You embrace the new, find ways to live again and acceptance brings peace.

A diagnosis of a chronic disease brings change. Those of us in the chronic illness community, know the reality of how life changing disease is.

For us, our disease is not a virus that will likely come and go within 14 days.

For us it’s there when we lay down to sleep, wake up every morning, try and navigate through each day. It dictates much of what we can and can’t do 365 days of the year.

Our chronic diseases can kill us, disable us, progress, go into remission perhaps, but generally they have no cure and often no treatment.

We simply have to adjust and learn to live again.

Fear Of The Unknown

The biggest threat of the Coronavirus, in our society, is the reaction of people to fear of the unknown.

We have already seen around the world, panic buying and generally people thinking of themselves first.

It’s the primal sense of survival taking over.

So why so much fear?

Basically we all like to know what lies ahead. We like to think we are in control when the reality is, there are very few things in life we can control.

I’m chronically ill and in all honesty the threat of this virus is the least of my concerns. I could die from any virus, as I’m immune compromised. I live with that reality daily.

We should be concerned though. Not so much about getting the virus as most likely if we do, we’ll be ok.

The concern should be more about the impacts on our economy and the permanent changes to our overall way of life in the future, as in essence the world has shut down.

What will it look like when it reopens?

Countries have closed their borders with full travel bans.

Companies are being forced to work out ways to do business in the virtual world, rather than the real world.

Social gatherings are cancelled. Churches have become virtual communities.

Sporting events are cancelled and if they do recommence they will be held behind closed doors with no spectators.

Many people are self isolating, some because they’re worried, some because they need to.

How long do you self isolate though out of fear of contracting the virus? You may be behind closed doors for 12 months working on that scenario. This virus won’t be going away in a hurry and it will be a while before a vaccine is available.

Governments, businesses and society in general are being forced to look at new ways of living.

Some of these impacts might actually morph into a new better way of living, once the crisis passes.

This pandemic could eventually create a whole new world of opportunities.


A Possible New World

Perhaps COVID-19 will force us as society to build a new version of ourselves. A new world, a better world.

Sometimes new life comes from difficult times. It’s not always bad. There is always the hope of new beginnings.

The new version may well be a very different world but it can still be beautiful.

We can’t escape what’s happening at the moment with COVID-19. Stress and panic will only make us more susceptible to the virus.

Taking precautions is important, as the more it can be contained, the easier it will be on our health system to care for those experiencing health complications.

Everyday, living with chronic disease, I say goodbye to more of the old and am learning to embrace more of the new.

I won’t pretend it’s easy because it’s not.

Living through this world pandemic won’t be easy for anyone, for different reasons for everyone. We need to consider why our families, friends and neighbours are reacting perhaps in a way we weren’t expecting.

We need to remember survival instincts often don’t bring out the best in any of us.

As individuals we can make the choice to check our own behaviours and attitudes in this crisis, and check in on those around us to see how they are and ask what’s their main concerns.

Coronavirus won’t be going away in a hurry, so it’s important to acknowledge our own shock and fear, but we do need to find ways to move past that stage.

It’s a process but it’s a much easier process when acceptance replaces fear and fighting.

It’s when we accept a situation, no matter how difficult and life changing, something new can be created.

Just like the butterfly comes from the cocoon, new life will emerge.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Take care

Sam xx


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10 thoughts on “A World Changing Course – Entering The Unknown

  1. I love that you put the control back onto us an individuals and what we can do, thinking about others. There has been so, so much selfishness that I’ve seen in these past few weeks, viciousness even. There was someone just this morning mugged for their shopping because they had hand wash and loo roll, but they’d also picked up their prescription so their meds were taken too. It’s an unsettling, worrying time, but we have to do whatever we can while caring for each other. Great post, Sam.
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sam, I so agree with everything you have said and I too, wonder what this new world will be like. I am really hopeful that the good things that are happening like Mother Earth breathing again, continues. I am not panicking as it will be what it will be.
    Thanks Sam.


  3. Reblogged this on My Medical Musings and commented:

    I wrote this last year and even though we are now heading into the COVID-19 vaccination stage of the global pandemic, the message and my musings are still relevant for today, for this year xx


  4. Sam, this one statement sums it up nicely.

    “The biggest threat of the Coronavirus, in our society, is the reaction of people to fear of the unknown.”

    This is exacerbated, even exploited by fear peddlers who use any issue to divide and conquer, such as the corrupt and deceitful former US president. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

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