Home Sweet Home…My Chronic Illness/COVID-19 Sanctuary

I wrote this blog post well before self isolation, quarantine and lockdown were common words in our vocabulary.

As we enter a new world, dictated to us by COVID-19, my chronic illness life and the lives of so many disabled with chronic disease, may now be better understood.

One of the ways those of us in the chronic illness community can show kindness and support throughout this global pandemic, may be to share our coping skills in the area of self-isolation and a limited social life.

Even social distancing is something we adopted well before this term began to trend.

Home Sweet Home is where it all starts.

Make it a haven. Make it a place you want to be in. Declutter, reorganise and make beautiful spaces throughout your home that allow you to create, reflect, read, listen to music, exercise, cook…..whatever it is that makes you smile and gives you purpose, incorporate those things into your Home Sweet Home.

We will get through this and I believe we will all adopt a new, healthier way of living for everyone on the other side.

Life usually holds many wonderful adventures.

Travel, work, days out, drives in the countryside, eating at wonderful restaurants and cafes, visits to family and friends.

The list is endless. The opportunities to broaden your horizons are plentiful.

What If You Are Housebound?

What if  you can’t do any of those things? What if you are housebound? What if your body is incapable of being out for longer than an hour a day, in fact only an hour every few days, on a good week, all being well?

What does life look like then?

What if the four walls of your home are your boundaries? What if looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day is the extent of your outlook?

What does life look like then?

For many people with chronic disease, life’s limitations are severe. Finding light and life, within the walls of their home, is perhaps one of the keys to survival. Perhaps finding such joy in the home is the key to a happy existence, in what would otherwise feel like a prison sentence.

How Do You Cope?

I am often asked how do I cope not being able to get out?

Comments such as “I wish you were able to do more”, or ” I would love to see you get to a cafe or spend a day out”, are said with true love and concern from friends who want to fix what can’t be fixed.

I want to reassure everyone, in particular those who are living with severe chronic illness, that a fulfilled and happy life can be found in the confines of your home.


Home Sweet Home

I love my home. It offers me security. It offers me comfort both physically and spiritually.

It is the place where I rest. The place where I laugh. The place where I cry.  The place where I pray.  The place where I sing.  The place where I muse with my friends on my phone.

You will be secure, because there is hope;  you will look about you and take your rest in safety.

Job 11 v 18 (NIV)

It’s the place where I am enveloped by the love and care of my beautiful husband.

It’s the place where I write. The place where I think. The place where I eat.

It’s the place where I sit outside in the garden and admire the beautiful flowers. It’s where butterflies and birds visit me.

Home Sweet Home, is my world. It is a beautiful place and I love it.

I am content within it. I nurture it. I care for it. I potter in it. I express myself in it through interior decor that reflects the things I love.

It is my artwork and it brings me joy to be within it and surrounded by it.

The walls do not suffocate me. They allow me to live life as full as possible in a safe place.

It is priceless. It is life giving. It is my refuge.

It is my Home Sweet Home!

Take Care

Sam xx

If you’re looking for genuine support, care, understanding and friendship, you are so welcome to join my closed Facebook support forum, Medical Musings with Friends . It’s a safe place to connect with others living with chronic and complex diseases, who truly understand the daily challenges. A warm welcome awaits.

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13 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home…My Chronic Illness/COVID-19 Sanctuary

  1. Hi Sam, I recently read a book that one of my Instagram chronic illness friends posted about. It’s called, “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating”. It was a wonderful read that described our worlds in a way you would not expect. The human spirit is amazing. If you like to read, I recommend this book. Hugs to you!

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  2. I love this post so much! I am also housebound much of the time and it is so true it becomes your church, your sanctuary and where you know you are safe. So many people forget that and its a shame because yes going out is nice but so is staying where you know everything is set up for you is nice too

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  3. I think a lot of it is adjusting your expectations and your perspective on things, and then creating the space you want to be in so that it’s comfortable, enjoyable, that it’s where you feel safe and positive. Home, or my room at least, is my refuge, too, and now with chronic illness I appreciate it and love it more than I ever have. Brilliant post, Sam xx

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  4. Thanks Caz. I so agree that the key is arriving at a stage where we can accept our circumstances, change our perspective and make adjustments that accommodate our new way of living. xx

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  5. Oh how I can so much relate to this once again, Sam. If someone would have told me many years ago that i would have to stay home as much as I do now, I would have thought that I would be unhappy. I have a pure joy in my heart and though it is not always easy, it has shown me in a new way of how God truly can be the source of our joy and strength.

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  6. Lovely post! When I moved into my apartment last spring, I knew that I wanted it to be my sanctuary; my safe place. To the best of my ability I made it lovely. God blessed me with a beautiful park to look out on from my windows. I’ve spent so much more time this winter in my apartment. It has become my safe place, too.

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  7. I agree so much and after writing my post about the isolation I have mentioned appreciating what is around you but you have described it beautifully Sam, thank you xx

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