I’ve Launched My Podcast!!….Introducing “Medical Musings With Sam”

Hi Everyone ,

I’ve done it…I’ve taken a leap of faith and started my Podcast.

My new Podcast, Medical Musings with Sam, is now live on Spotify, Podcasters and my host app, Anchor.

It includes the trailer and Season One with five full episodes.

I’m so looking forward to sharing an audible version of my most popular blogs posts. I have written over 240 articles over the past 5 years and a Podcast seems like the next best approach to reach out to a whole new audience.

If reading is difficult for you and watching videos too tiring, I hope my Podcasts will be just another tool, in your chronic illness toolkit, to help you live your best life possible.

It will also be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and ITunes very soon….so exciting 🥰

My Story, is the first episode of “Medical Musings With Sam” followed by 2 episodes on the theme of living a full and fulfilled life with Chronic Illness.

You can check them all out here on my Podcast link, Medical Musings With Sam

I hope you find some takeaways to help you live as well as possible with chronic illness.

Take care

Sam xx

One thought on “I’ve Launched My Podcast!!….Introducing “Medical Musings With Sam”

  1. Sam,you have to have me on.

    I am sorry I cannot comment as usual tonight. I was about to start comments and I just heard the news about Ruth Ginsberg. It is so difficult for our country. Elections matter and the last one matters more right now. – I am sorry the podcast will be wonderful. 😦


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