“If At First You Don’t Succeed….”

If at first you don’t succeed…..

Christmas Day Crisis

Christmas Day was pretty much a right off for me. I was so unwell with a stoma blockage which caused many issues, including my pain medication not being absorbed.

On Christmas Day I always like to wear a new outfit. It’s been a long time tradition and makes the day feel even more special.

This year I couldn’t get out of my pyjamas, couldn’t style my hair, or put any makeup on.

I could barely eat. Thankfully we had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and it was beautiful. It was my silver lining.

This happens with chronic illness. This is the life of someone living with chronic disease.

We never quite know what’s around the corner. Our diseases couldn’t care less if it’s a birthday, or Christmas, or any other kind of celebration.

I’m feeling so much better today so my philosophy is…”if at first you don’t succeed..

Boxing Day Bounce Back

It’s Boxing Day. It’s still Christmas. Christmas Day starts the 12 days of Christmas so today I have put on my new Christmas clothes, styled my hair, put makeup on and I feel so much more alive than yesterday.

I feel blessed as I could have still been sick. I’m not out of the woods but an improvement on any level deserves celebration.

If you are feeling unwell, if your disease is flaring and you feel swamped by an avalanche of symptoms, don’t lose hope. We know so often this will pass or at least ease a little.

Take the pressure off today. Go with the flow and do what your body needs. Look ahead to better days and plan a recovery treat. Something to really look forward to.

Today my husband and I are celebrating Christmas and celebrating me feeling a bit better.

The best gift ever 🎁

Take care

Sam xx

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