Our 26th Wedding Anniversary

Love is a beautiful thing and never more so when it has ripened and flourished.

On the 15th December, my husband and I will have been married 26 years, and on Christmas Day it’s 27 years since our engagement.

The Facebook post below sums up my love for Peter. Like all couples we have our, let’s say “contentious” moments, but we always resolve them before the sun goes down.

Communication is key to a long standing relationship, even if you don’t feel like talking……which often Peter will tell me he doesn’t. Good job I’m persistent, or just a pain in the neck. Either way don’t give up on being persistent when disagreements threaten the harmony of a loving relationship.


I wrote a blog post a number of years ago called Thank you Sweetheart and it was also published on The Mighty. It’s my love letter to Peter and I wouldn’t write it any differently today.

The past few months, my “Acute Life Changing Episode“, has tested our love and commitment to the limits. Love has conquered all and I couldn’t be more grateful or feel more blessed, despite my health hurdles.

26 years feels like yesterday. I honestly don’t know how this many years can fly by so fast. It must be ❤

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Sam xx

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