Excited, Exhausted and Emotional

I always knew releasing a book would be exciting but, in my naivety, I never expected it to be so exhausting and so emotional!

I received my author copies of my book in the mail on Sunday. What a moment. I’m not even sure I can find the words to express the array of emotions I felt. A mixture of relief, amazement, humility, a little sadness, gratitude and joy. Even surprise at receiving them on a Sunday! Given my faith journey is part of my story, it seemed so fitting.

I was so relieved to see the amazing quality of the final product. I absolutely it.

I felt amazement as I realised I was a published author. It was no longer a dream. It was so real it was surreal, if that makes sense.

I felt humble. People were sending me messages of congratulations and telling me they had bought the book. I am truly humbled by the thought of people buying a book I wrote.

I felt a little sadness for a couple of reasons. My Dad passed away last year and I so wanted to ring him, as I always did when something exciting happened in my life. I miss him so much. I also felt sad as I considered the main reason I was able to write the book was because of my serious health issues. It’s all very bitter sweet.

How grateful I am my brain still works and I was able to achieve this amazing goal.

I also had a heart of joy as I shared this moment with my husband, who was as excited as I was and quickly got the trolley from the garage, to cart the very heavy boxes to my study, so we could unpack the special delivery together.

Articles and Afterwords

I recorded Week One of my “Virtual Book Tour” Podcast this week.

I decided to read the Afterword by Arthritis Queensland CEO, Emma Thompson and I was taken by surprise at how emotional I was afterwards.

Her words were just so moving, so generous and they confirmed for me exactly why I do what I do. I love people and I want to make a difference, leave a legacy and have a purpose despite my disease……perhaps because of my disease.

I am just so thankful Emma agreed to write the Afterword and be a part of my book…..even if I did end up crying on this first podcast episode of my “VirtualBookTour”.

Listen to Week One of My Virtual Book Tour

As if the week didn’t have enough wonderful moments, next came the publication of an interview I had done with JJ Barnes , editor of UK online magazine, “The Table Read”.

I have done some other PR interviews for the book but I was looking forward to this one coming out. I really liked the questions and the whole interview was relevant in regards to promoting the book and freedom to share my story. It was a good fit for me.

They say timing is everything and the timing of this articles publication was perfect.

Here’s the link to “The Table Read” article: Author Interview Samantha Moss – My Medical Musings

Back to Blogging

I think the book release has been more exhausting than writing the book. I’ve enjoyed it, am enjoying it, but I’m also over it.

I miss doing what I’m doing right now. Simply musing in my blog. Sharing my thoughts, freely and quietly with my readers, as I write.

Blogging is my happy place. I find it so relaxing and it’s also rewarding to interact with readers through comments. I can set the schedule. I can publish immediately to connect to my followers asap or I can think about the best time to publish in terms of timezones etc.

At the moment I’m too exhausted to overthink anything.

I’m grateful life may begin to return to some normality soon and grateful I’m back to blogging, my comfort place, my home.

Take care

Sam xx

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3 thoughts on “Excited, Exhausted and Emotional

  1. Congratulations, Sam! I can imagine how unpacking a box of your own authored books would bring a mix of emotions. I love how you said that you glad to be back to blogging—your happy place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Sam, you’ve done so well, but you must be exhausted. I also completely understand that feeling of wanting to tell your Dad. It’s an automatic reaction to pick up the phone to share the important things in life. Not just the important things. The big things, the little things, the silly things. And every time, we have to remind ourselves that we can’t.
    Try to take some time out, Sam. You need a rest to catch your breath.
    Liz xx


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