The Wound Doctor’s & Co Podcast….My Interview Discussing Chronic Illness and the Doctor Patient Relationship.

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by Dr Frances Henshaw and Rod Morri from The Wound Doctors & Co Podcast.

I was asked to share my thoughts on how health care professionals can better care for people with chronic illness… share my tips on good wound care.

While that all sounds serious, we had a lot of fun keeping the conversation light hearted but to the point!

Frances and Rob were a delight to work with and the entire podcast is one to save to your podcast listening apps.

47% of Australians live with a chronic disease, and Samantha Moss is one of them. We talk to her about how she manages her wounds, how she stays positive, and how health professionals  can better care for people with long-term conditions

Hope you enjoy it! Here’s the link to the full interview:

The Wound Doctor’s and Co Podcast

Take care

Sam x

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